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A photo of Laura  Bursch, U graduate student and  3M fellowship recipient,  with 3M Post-It Note inventor Art Fry.

Laura Bursch, U graduate student and 3M fellowship recipient, with 3M Post-It Note inventor Art Fry.

3M employees help U students

by University of Minnesota Foundation

From eNews, February 5, 2004

Hundreds of 3M employees who gave to a specially created 3-to-1 University of Minnesota scholarship matching fund had a chance to meet the students they've helped at a reception on 3M's Maplewood campus on January 29. 3M established the 3M/Alumni Undergraduate Merit Scholarships in 2001 to mark its 100th anniversary and help the U to attract top undergraduate students majoring in business, engineering, and science-related disciplines. The fund attracted 362 employees, including 300 University alumni, who gave a total of $365,296. 3M added another $1,008,973. The 3M contribution was part of its $15 million gift to Campaign Minnesota, the U's historic seven-year campaign that concluded last summer after raising $1.66 billion. The 3M merit scholarships have thus far gone to 43 students. Each student receives $3,000 per year for up to four years. The fall 2003 scholarship recipients had an average high school class rank in the 98th percentile and an average grade point average of 4.01. "Scholarships and fellowships will encourage the most promising undergraduate and graduate students to train in and stay in the state," said University president Bob Bruininks in his speech thanking 3M employees for their generosity. Also recognized at the reception were the 29 winners of the 3M Science and Technology Fellowships. The fellowship was established in 2001 and funded through a 3M endowment gift of $6.2 million that will support the fellowship in perpetuity. That gift was matched by the University's 21st Century Graduate Fellowship Endowment.

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