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Leaning into the Wind bookcover.

Leaning into the Wind: A Memoir of Midwest Weather, one of three books reviewed this issue with University connections.

From weather to wolves: books with U connections

Books with U connections

From M, spring 2004

Leaning into the Wind: A Memoir of Midwest Weather
By Susan Allen Toth University of Minnesota Press, 2003
ISBN 0-8166-4262-1
$22.95 hc In this slim volume of 10 essays, distinguished author and U alumna Susan Allen Toth (Ph.D. '69) turns from her well-known topics of England and high school reunions to the weather of the places she has called home--Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Toth looks through the lens of weather and sees life in all its frustration and grandeur, from mosquitoes to God.
Slowing Down to the Speed of Love: How to Create a Deeper, More Fulfilling Relationship in a Hurried World
By Joseph Bailey, M.A., L.P. Contemporary Books, McGraw-Hill Companies, 2003
ISBN 0-07-140249-7
$19.95 hc Relationships with those we love suffer from busy lives. Using methods such as speaking from the heart, forgiveness, and conflict transformation, Bailey offers guidelines for finding and rediscovering love unbound by time. Bailey is a community faculty member with the U Medical School's Center for Spirituality and Healing.
Wolves: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation
Edited by L. David Mech and Luigi Boitani University of Chicago Press, 2003
ISBN 0-226-51696-2
$49.00 hc Widely recognized as the most comprehensive and authoritative book on wolves compiled since 1970, this big and beautiful book is valuable to scientists and interested citizens alike. Among the first species to be named endangered, wolves remain controversial and could soon lose protected status. This volume contains the latest research of 23 leading scientists, including Mech, renowned wolf expert and adjunct professor in both the College of Natural Resources and the College of Biological Sciences.

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