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The Lindsay Whalen bobblehead doll.

The limited-edition Lindsay Whalen bobblehead doll. (Hand-crafted cast not included.)

The legend just keeps growing

By Rick Moore

These are heady times for Lindsay Whalen. In a collegiate basketball career that includes being selected to the first-team All-Big Ten team three times, being named All-American the last two years, setting the Golden Gopher career scoring record, and being featured in cover stories by City Pages and Minnesota magazines, Whalen's latest accomplishment may be the most impressive yet: her bobblehead doll is a fairly hot commodity on eBay. "The legend of Lindsay Whalen just keeps growing!" says an eBay personality named "echowood87" pedaling some of the prized paraphernalia. Indeed, it does. Whalen is the first Gopher athlete to have a bobblehead doll crafted, albeit loosely, in her image. (The hairline is a bit stark, even considering that it's being pulled into the signature ponytail, but overall it's a better representation than, say, Kirby Puckett's or Tony Oliva's bobbles.) Only about 1,000 Whalen bobbleheads were sold during Gopher home games this season, meaning you--the average fan--probably do not have one, which is an eBay seller's wish come true. How much would her bobblehead cost you on eBay? From $32 to $35 plus shipping and handling, based on March 9 listings. That may not seem like a lot, but consider this: NBA rookie phenom LeBron James's bobblehead dolls draw in the range of $45 to $76, and the bobbles of Yao Ming--the 7-foot-6 Houston Rockets star from China--can be had for a paltry $8. Heck, a Lindsay Whalen bobblehead pin will run you $9.99. Perhaps part of that fee goes toward the production of the crafty copy created by echowood87, the dealer of Whalen's bobblehead pins. "This is a very cute, unique item," says echowood. "The head is attached by a spring, so you can boink it and it moves! (Note: The same can be said for the bobblehead doll, although we advise to boink with caution.) "You can do something opposing defenses will never be able to do--have Lindsay in the palm of your hand!"

Fortunately, there's little need to worry about all this attention giving the real-life Whalen, who is as modest as they come, a big head. The bobblehead's manufacturers more than made up for that.