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A bicyclist on the Washington Avenue Bridge bike path.

Keep your eyes peeled for the many bike paths on or near the Twin Cities campus.

The road to biking bliss

By Rick Moore

For students, staff, and faculty living within a few miles of the Twin Cities campus, commuting by bicycle offers a slew of advantages. Your transportation budget is immune to rising gas prices, there are no freeway entrance ramps to bog you down, and the parking is utterly fabulous.

The biking season kicked into gear for some commuters with the dawn of the Metro Transit strike. Even with the buses back on the road, it's peak season for biking around campus--that rare time of the year when even the bountiful bike racks at the U are short on exposed silver.

Of course, that also means it's high season for biking rogues--those folks who go the wrong way down the bike lane on University Avenue or who weave in an out of pedestrians on Northrop Mall at 15 mph. To keep you from heading down the path of cycling scofflaws, here are some rules and strategies as provided by Parking and Transportation Services at the University.

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