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Bob Bruininks

University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks.

Bruininks named to Minnesota Business Partnership

In the last year, University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks has compared his work to that of a business executive. He points out that, in essence, he's the CEO of the third largest business of its kind in the country, one with revenues of $2.3 billion, an impressive direct return on investment, and positive credit and debt ratings.

It turns out that the analogy is incredibly pertinent. On April 14, the Minnesota Business Partnership (MBP) announced that it was admitting Bruininks into its rather exclusive ranks. For decades, the partnership has been comprised of the top executives of the state's 100 largest private corporations. With the designation of Bruininks as a member, the partnership has opened the door for the first time to a chief executive from the public sector--in this case, the president of the University of Minnesota.

"I'm very pleased to join the Minnesota Business Partnership," says Bruininks. "The business community is an important partner of the University's and we have many common interests, including workforce development and technology transfer."

MBP states that its mission is "to forge a partnership between the public and private sectors to improve the economy and quality of life for everyone in Minnesota. We belong to the Partnership because we want to bring our resources, experience, and expertise to bear on the challenges facing our state."