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Alumni tour group in Italy.

A UMAA tour group in Florence, Italy. The March 2004 package, "Italy: the Cultural Season," also included day trips to Rome, Assassi, and Perugia.

Travel opportunities for alumni

By Evelyn Cottle Raedler

From eNews, June 24, 2004

Are you looking for a unique travel opportunity that satisfies your wanderlust, challenges you intellectually, and enables you to share the experience with fellow alumni? Chances are you'll find it through the University of Minnesota Alumni Association's 2005 travel program, offering 35 destinations with every last detail arranged for you. A South African safari, a cruise on the legendary Nile River, and the picturesque seaside towns of Ireland are among the affordable international travel options--many with air-inclusive pricing, optional excursions, and the chance to try group travel while making independent choices. For those who want to combine daily sightseeing with classes in art, architecture, and history, there are the Alumni Campus Abroad packages. And for those who prefer to stay stateside, there's a Lewis and Clark expedition as well as cruises in Alaska, Florida, and California, which includes an optional package for golfers. "We're offering an especially large selection of unique packages and good deals this 2005 season because of some new partnerships we've made with specialists in alumni travel," says Cheryl Jones, director of the UMAA alumni travel program. The new adventure opportunities include trips to the Sea of Cortez, the Azores off the coast of Portugal, the Galapagos Islands, Ireland, China, Vietnam, Poland, and Russia. "Our tour groups are fairly small, allowing for individual attention from the tour guides and friendships to form," says Jones. "One of our most popular travel packages over the years has been the Alumni Campus Abroad, which offers unique educational as well as cultural experiences." The nine 2005 campus abroad destinations are Sicily, Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, the Italian Riviera, Normandy, Switzerland, Ireland, Tuscany-Cortona, the waterways of France, and Saxony on the Elbe River. The UMAA travel program is a benefit of the alumni association membership; at least one person must be a UMAA member; if you plan to travel as a couple or in a group. "Our tours are designed for the young and old alike," adds Jones. "And because there are so many offerings throughout the year, you could choose more than one adventure." Detailed brochures for each trip are available six months prior to the departure date. To add your name to the UMAA travel mailing list, call 612-624-2323, e-mail, or see

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