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Group photo of the 2004-05 Civil Service Committee at their retreat, July 22, 2004, Como Park pavillion.

A retreat July 22 at Como Park in St. Paul was the first meeting of the 2004-05 CSC members.

Civil Service Committee prepares for a new year

A note from the CSC chair

By Dorit Hafner

From Brief, August 11, 2004

The Civil Service Committee (CSC) for 2004-05 met for the first time at a retreat on July 22. Our main focus was to organize the committee and to discuss and summarize goals for the up-coming year.

The CSC is made up of 15 members and five alternates. Seven new members joined the committee last year and six this year. We are all volunteers and represent all areas and campuses of the University.

CSC meetings are usually held on the last Thursday of each month and are open to the public. In addition, the CSC has eight subcommittees, listed below. Any civil service employee is welcome to join any of the subcommittees, and no application is required.

Here are some highlights of the goals discussed at the July retreat, grouped by subcommittee.

CSC committee members

Brenda Boever, UMM

Matt Bowers, UMTC

Rick Densmore, UMTC

John Felipe, EEO, ex officio

Dorit Hafner, UMTC, chair

Pat Hara, UMTC

Joseph Jameson, UMTC, past chair

Cathy Marquardt, UMTC

Bonnie Marten, UMTC

Lori Nicol, UMTC

Linda Olcott, UMD

Diane Parker, UMTC

Heather Powell, UMTC

Karen Tschida, UMTC

Gary Willhite, UMC

Peg Wolff, UMTC

(all currently UMTC)

Ken Angwenyi
Susan Cable
Susan Gustafson
Joan Hokanson
Debra Schmidt

The Advocacy subcommittee acts as an informal advocate, supporting civil service employees either individually or as a group on issues that don't require formal advocacy services. This year, the committee will continue brown-bag sessions for second-shift employees, discussions on University policies and procedures, and quarterly meetings for everyone. The group will also contact other universities to seek out their advocacy procedures.

The Benefits subcommittee will continue discussions on health care benefits and costs, and on post-health-care saving plans or tax-free use of a 403B/IRA to pay for health care and long-term care costs.

The Communications and Public Relations subcommittee will change the format of the CSC Web site to the University format. The group will also continue to send the monthly e-mail version of InTouch newsletter, with links to the CSC and related Web sites, to all civil service employees, and it will post meeting minutes in a timely fashion.

The Compensation subcommittee will continue discussion on an equitable pay plan for 2004-05 and internal pay equity for existing and new employees. The group will also receive training for the job evaluation questionnaire (JEQ) appeals process. Discussion on V-class changes is on hold, and no decision is expected during this academic year.

The Finances subcommittee will work closely with the University Senate Finance Committee and will bring items for discussion to the CSC.

The Legislative subcommittee plans to create a civil service grassroots committee to educate and mobilize employees around the U's legislative request. Members will work to increase the number and involvement of civil service employees in the Legislative Network.

The Professional Development subcommittee will revise guidelines for individual employees to request and obtain professional development funds, and it will improve communication about the availability of funds. The group also will develop a follow-up procedure to find out how funds helped the recipient and post that information on the CSC Web site.

The Rules subcommittee will work to finish revisions of the current civil service rules. After the Office of Human Resources approves the revision, a public hearing will be held. Then the rules will be sent to the president, who will ask the Board of Regents for final approval. Notification and a copy of the new rules will then be sent to all civil service employees.

The subcommittee for Senate and Assembly Vacancies is working on a Web-based application process. They will work to improve communication with current civil service members on Senate and Assembly committees and with civil service employees who are interested in serving on either of the committees.

Main issues discussed at subcommittee meetings are brought to the whole committee for discussion and voting. For more information on the committees and meeting dates, visit our Web site, If you have any comment or suggestion, please send us an e-mail message.

Dorit Hafner is the CSC chair for academic year 2004-05.

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