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The new maroon and gold scooter.

The Golden Gopher E-Bike, charged and ready to scoot.

Top 10 reasons to buy a Golden Gopher E-Bike

by Rick Moore

From M, spring 2004

10. Fits easily into your SUV 9. Fits into your Ford Festiva 8. Environmentally friendly and stylish 7. Perfect for the parallel-parking-challenged 6. No one will think you're a Badger fan 5. Looks like it'd be easy to change a flat 4. Great way to get home from your spinning class 3. Less dangerous than skateboarding 2. More maneuverable than a Hummer 1. Two words: disposable income

Disposable-income jokes aside, the Golden Gopher E-Bike, available through the U Bookstore, has some neat stats. It's battery operated, tools along at 15-20 mph, goes 20 miles between charges, weighs only 50 pounds, folds up for easy storage, and comes complete with Golden Gopher decals. Price is $499.99. For more information, see

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