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Civil Service Committee update, March 2005

Nominations sought for U Senate, CSC, other committees; Staff Development Award guidelines revised

By Dorit Hafner, John Filipe, Brenda Boever, and Karen Tschida

From Brief, March 9, 2005

This month:

CSC seeks nominations for 23 seats in U Senate

On February 11, the University of Minnesota Board of Regents approved the addition of 25 civil service and 25 academic professional and administrative (P&A) employees to the University Senate. The first term will start July 1.

The Civil Service Committee (CSC) is now seeking nominations to fill 23 of these senate seats. The remaining two seats will be filled by the CSC chair and vice chair.

The slate of civil service senators will represent all areas, campuses, and central administration of the University and include a balance of job classifications, based on the same practices used to configure the CSC. This includes

Civil service employees will elect members from their respective groups to serve three-year terms. Because this is the first election, terms for the first year of service will include seven (7) one-year terms, eight (8) two-year terms, and eight (8) three-year terms, in order to stagger terms. Those elected shall not serve more than two consecutive terms and shall be eligible for re-election only after at least one year off.

Civil service staff members will vote for candidates within their represented area. Ballots will be sent electronically and available online.


March CSC meeting

The next CSC meeting will be held Mar. 31, 9 a.m. to noon, 101 Walter Library, Minneapolis.

See the CSC calendar to view subcommittee meeting schedules.

This change will give civil service a direct voice on issues pertaining to all University campuses and colleges. It will give us a chance to regularly interact with faculty, students, and other academic staff and to seek solutions to problems collectively. Especially in times like this, with budget challenges and rising health care costs, a unified body will have a stronger voice at the University, state, and national level. The new University Senate will establish a precedent for other institutions, as well.

Eligibility. All civil service staff covered by the Civil Service Rules who have held temporary or continuing appointments of at least 50 percent time for at least two calendar years as of February 15, 2005, are eligible to run for a senate seat. If you have any questions about your eligibility to serve, please contact Heather Powell at or 612-626-9901.

Representatives must continue to meet civil service eligibility requirements to remain in the University Senate. Those who move out of their area of representation during their term may serve out that term and continue to represent the former area of representation. To be reelected, however, they must be elected from their new area of representation.

The University Senate meets six times from September through May, from 2:30 to 5 p.m. Serving on the University Senate should be in conjunction with the employee's work schedule. If a senator neglects three consecutive meetings of the senate, he or she will forfeit membership.

Civil Service Rules update
By Lori Nicol

The CSC approved the final draft of the revised Civil Service Rules Jan. 27. The next step, after final approval from the Office of Human Resources (OHR), will be for CSC and OHR to forward the rules to the president's office.

In the meantime, The CSC Rules Subcommittee is going forward and will continue the revision process for the next draft of the rules. The subcommittee looks at suggestions forwarded from constituents and also updates language to synchronize with the current work environment. All CSC employees are welcome. The next meeting will be Apr. 6, 2-4 p.m., 240 Donhowe. If you have questions or suggestions about the rules, contact Lori Nicol at or 612-625-2781.

Application deadline: April 15. Find the CSC application for senate seats at Applications will be accepted until April 15 at 4 p.m. The voting period will be May 2-20. Election results will be announced by June 1. The term of elected members will start July 1, 2005.

More information on the role of senators and Civil Service Committee members is available at Information about the University Senate constitution and bylaws is available at

If you have questions, contact CSC chair Dorit Hafner at or 612-624-3089.

Four Civil Service Committee seats open

The CSC has four (4) seats to fill: one (1) at large and three (3) in the Academic Health Center (AHC) area; all are on the Twin Cities campus. In addition, alternates will be appointed to fill unexpected vacancies. Alternates serve with a vote if regular committee members are absent.

Eligibility. All civil service staff covered by the Civil Service Rules who have held temporary or continuing appointments of at least 50 percent time for at least two calendar years are eligible to run for a CSC seat.

Deadline: April 8. Nominations and applications will be accepted until interviews take place, the week of April 11-15. In May, the search committee will recommend a slate of candidates to President Bruininks.

For more information, see the CSC Web site at and contact John Felipe at or 612-624-9547.

Other committee seats open

Consider joining other employees on a University committee as civil service staff members strengthen their role in University governance.

Openings for civil service representatives are expected on several senate and assembly committees, boards, and task forces in 2005-06. They include one seat (except as noted) on the following:

Deadline: March 15. To learn more about the committees and the work they do, see the U Senate Web site, The application is available to download from the CSC Web site,; send to Brenda Boever,

CSC Staff Development Award guidelines revised;
2004-05 funds still available

The Civil Service Staff Development Fund was established with the generous support of friends and coworkers in honor of a retired University civil service staff member. The CSC has continued the program and sets aside funds from its budget. At the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1), $2,000 in grant monies becomes available for distribution to civil service staff members who wish to enroll in a staff development program.

Award guidelines have been revised and are available on the Web at Please review the guidelines and see if you can make use of this excellent opportunity. Funds are still available for fiscal year 2004-05. Spring is coming--it's time to enroll in a workshop, seminar, or course and enjoy a great learning experience that can enrich your skills or knowledge.

Eligibility. Funds are available to nonbargaining-unit civil service employees with an appointment of 75 percent or more. Eligible applicants may apply for a one-time grant of up to $100 per fiscal year. For more detailed information and an application, see the CSC Web site, Send your stories! Have you received Civil Service Staff Development Funds? The CSC is interested in hearing from you! Please write and let us know they have enriched your professional or personal life. Contact Karen Tschida at or (by regular mail) at Department of Pediatrics, MMC 391, 420 Delaware Steet S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455. Your response will be appreciated.

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