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Alex Moss and LynAnne Evenson.

Alex Moss and LynAnne Evenson

Class of 2008: making the grade

Making the grade

By Rick Moore

From M, summer 2005

It's been less than nine months since we introduced you to LynAnne Evenson and Alex Moss, two students from the Twin Cities campus's Class of 2008 with distinctly different personalities and approaches to first-year success.

Both students jumped headlong into activities. Moss was part of the Entrepreneurship Club, and explored the Gymnastics Club and intramurals. Midway through the year he, like Evenson, went Greek by joining Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity.

And as the year progressed, Evenson became a member of the Panhellenic Council (which oversees sororities), the Campus Relations Committee of the Minnesota Student Association, the College of Liberal Arts Student Board, and the Collective College Boards. She also attends meetings of the College Republicans. The best part of being so active, she says, "is that you learn how to multitask very quickly. And just for the record, yes, I still get good grades."

Moss also reports success in the classroom; he received all As in the fall save for his Achilles-heel calculus class (a B), meaning he gets to maintain his Carlson School scholarships.

Now that their first year is behind them, Evenson and Moss were asked what advice they'd have for incoming freshmen.

Says Evenson:

Says Moss: