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Donor's scholarship guide

From M, summer 2005

Alumni can make a big difference in creating scholarships for students who want to succeed at the U. Here's a quick guide to how you can help.

Scholarship: Financial support that does not need to be repaid. Many scholarships have been established through the generosity of alumni and friends to give recognition and support to students.

Promise of Tomorrow Scholarship Drive: The University's top fund-raising priority, with a goal of raising $150 million in new scholarship gifts to keep the doors of opportunity open. So far, $62 million has been raised.

Endowed scholarship: A scholarship created with a gift of at least $25,000 and designated for endowment. The gift is invested and the return is added back to promote growth. Each year, about 5 percent of the fund's value is paid out to support the scholarship.

Presidents Scholarship Match: A special opportunity to double the impact of new endowed scholarships by matching the amount that is paid out. For example, a $25,000 gift generates about $1,250 each year. With the match doubling this payout, $2,500 is available every year.

Large or small, your gift makes a difference to students today. To make a gift:

* Use the gift envelope enclosed in this issue

* Call 612-624-3333 or the development office on your campus

* Visit

Scholarship donor: Alumni and friends who want to make a difference in students' ability to succeed at the U. Donors can give at all levels. In fiscal year 2004, 14,875 scholarship donors made gifts of $10,000 or less, with an average gift of $147. Together, they gave $2,194,127. With an average scholarship of $2,500, these donors helped 877 students.

Easy math: You can increase your gift through employer matching gifts, which also count toward endowing a scholarship. Groups of individuals can also combine gifts to create endowed scholarships. Many colleges at the U have set up alumni scholarship funds as a way to increase the impact of alumni giving by combining smaller gifts.