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A double-decker bus in London

The bombings in London occurred at four separate locations, including a double-decker bus, within an hour.

U students studying in London unharmed by bombings

Learning Abroad Center verifies safety of 30 students

Published on July 7, 2005

Thirty University of Minnesota students are studying in London as part of University-sponsored programs this summer. According to University officials, all of the students are safe and none were injured in today's (July 7) bombings that occurred at three London subway stations and on one double-decker bus.

"When these kind of incidents occur, we immediately go to work to contact our students through our on-site staff and see if they're safe," said Al Balkcum, director of the University's Learning Abroad Center. "Our office has been in touch with each of the students studying in London to verify their safety. Rather than spend the day wondering, we're glad the parents, families, and friends of U of M students in London can breathe a sigh of relief. Our thoughts are with the victims of the bombings."

Balkcum said the University has protocols in place for all kinds of emergencies that could occur while students study in a foreign country, including the ability to communicate with them quickly.

According to the Learning Abroad Center's Web site, there are no plans to close programs or evacuate students who are studying in England for the summer. However, students are being advised, for safety reasons, to stay in contact with their program providers and not to travel into Central London for any reason.

From University News Service

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