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A woman raking fall leaves.

Take time to be active

UPlan Wellness kicks off fall semester campaign

By Susan Wiese

From Brief, September 7, 2005

This fall semester, the University's wellness program can help employees start the year off on the right foot. Literally.

Faculty and staff at all U locations and their family members are invited to be part of Take Time, a physical activity program designed to motivate themselves to spend and log 2,005 minutes in motion this fall. That's about 30 minutes in motion, most days of the week.

Whether it's raking leaves, shopping for groceries, or walking to the mailbox on your break, physical activity doesn't need to be strenuous to be good for you. And with short bursts of activity throughout the day, the minutes of low- to moderate-intensity activity add up quickly.

"Park on the top level of a ramp and take the stairs," says Scott Anderson, Twin Cities campus assistant director of public parking. "Don't push that elevator button!"

Three reasons to be active

* Decreased risk of heart disease* Protection against cancer
* Longevity

Visit Be Active Minnesota for more motivation to move!

BeActive Minnesota, a nonprofit organization, provides a way to track minutes electronically. A Take Time minutes-in-motion log is also available.

Look for information about the Take Time program due to arrive in campus mailboxes early next week. Or visit Take Time on the Web to find out how UPlan members and their families can track 2,005 minutes in motion by November 30 to earn a financial reward.

The Take Time program is a collaborative effort of UPlan Wellness and the School of Public Health, as well as the Department of Recreational Sports on the Twin Cities campus, to encourage employees to get involved in ways to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy workplace.

Send your comments or questions about Take Time to or call 612-626-WELL (-9355) or 1-888-422-WELL (-9355).

Susan Wiese is the communications project manager with Ruth Rounds, Wellness Program manager.

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