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Goldy in Paris.

Goldy sunning along the Seine.

Get connected, fall 2005

From M, fall 2005

Here comes the judge

Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has been confirmed as the keynote speaker for the UMAA 2006 Annual Celebration on May 23. O'Connor was the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court, having been sworn in on September 25, 1981, as President Ronald Reagan's first Supreme Court appointment. Until her retirement in June, O'Connor earned a reputation as a pragmatic, centrist jurist on an increasingly divided court. Event details will be posted at over the winter and be printed in Minnesota, the alumni association's member magazine.

Alumni Study Abroad

Children ran and played along a gentle sandy beach, dodging waves and watching tractors haul small fishing boats onto a jetty to be launched. "I like to think that the men who gave their lives here would enjoy seeing this scene rather than some somber landmark," historian and guide William Jordan said to a group of visitors standing on Omaha Beach. "After all, the chance to live quiet, peaceful lives is what they were fighting for."

A group of 31 alumni had spent the day visiting D-Day sites as part of a nine-day Alumni College Abroad trip in Normandy. Being immersed in the culture and the countryside while learning the history from experts like Jordan created an experience of Normandy that could not have come from books or films. The travelers also visited local markets, talked with citizens, wandered Monet's Garden at Giverny, and toured famed landmarks and quaint towns.

That is what educational travel is all about: learning by seeing, by being there. The University of Minnesota Alumni Association offers dozens of such tours each year, to domestic and international destinations, and all with fellow Minnesota graduates who are curious about the world and want to learn in the way only educational travel can offer.

Visit or call 612-624-2323 to learn more about UMAA travel opportunities.

Goldy goes global

Who has been spotted sitting on the South Pole marker, sunning on the beaches of Hawaii, and hanging out beside the Seine? It's none other than Goldy. The new Global Goldy page on the UMAA Web site features photos of Goldy from around the world, and more are always welcome. Alumni and friends are encouraged to bring a Goldy toy with them on their travels and submit their best shot to the Web site for others to enjoy. Visit to see the photos already submitted, to get photo tips, or to submit your own image.

Interesting groups

Former members of two more campus groups now have a special way to reconnect with their alma mater. The St. Lawrence Newman Center Alumni Group and the Minnesota Daily Alumni Network were formally granted alumni interest group status by the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (UMAA). The Newman Center is a gathering place for campus Catholics, while the Minnesota Daily is the U's official student newspaper. Interest groups unite alumni across geographic and academic boundaries in areas of special interest. Membership in an interest group is free with UMAA membership. For more on these and the six other alumni interest groups, visit

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