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Two students compete in a manual wheelchair race on Northrop plaza.

Adrienne Latimer and Tien Dang compete in a manual wheelchair race on Northrop plaza.

U celebrates Disability Awareness Month

Published on October 7, 2005

The University of Minnesota Disabled Student Cultural Center (DSCC) held an event on Northrop Plaza on Friday, September 30, to kick off the on-campus celebration of Disability Awareness Month (DAM) in October.

According to DSCC co-director John Lukanen, the day was meant to give the campus community a chance to experience activities that a disabled person might experience in everyday life. The event featured a manual wheelchair competition, a manual wheelchair basketball contest, a powered wheelchair obstacle course, and blindfold basketball-shooting games.

Other events will follow throughout October--all a part of a larger "SEE 3" awareness campaign. DSCC has made two giant banners--one hanging from Northrop Auditorium facing Coffman Union, and another on Church Street in front of Murphy Hall. The banners read: SEE 3, See Ability, See Disability, See Me.

"What we are saying [with the "SEE 3" slogan] is 'See my ability, see my disability, and also see me as who I am and what I can do,'" Lukanen explains. "We want to increase awareness that there are many students with disabilities at the U and that we are a vital piece of this campus. We also want to acknowledge that the DSCC does exist on this campus and is a resource."