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Letters to the Editor, winter 2006

From M, winter 2006

Fact or theory?

There has been much squabbling in my local newspaper regarding evolution, guided evolution, creation, intelligent design, the definition of theory vs. the definition of scientific theory, etc. I enjoy reading these discussions, and I enjoy reading the supporting articles that are cited by all sides.

[In "The Roots of Civilization," M, fall 2005] present "our ape ancestors" as fact. I know that there is much evidence that could be interpreted in support of this idea, explanation, concept, opinion, theory. However, none of the articles that I've seen come anywhere close to providing proof for this...In contrast, other scientific theories such as the theory of gravity, the theory of relativity, etc. have very strong supporting facts. Therefore, I do not believe that the evidence is sufficient to treat "our ape ancestors" as fact.

Ted Larson

A slant on journalism

Editor's note: The following letter is in response to senior Adrienne Baker's wish to "change the world" and her desire to be a journalist (Vicarious Pleasure," M, fall 2005).

Just what we need, more slanted news reporting. Attempting to use the "power of the press" to change the readers' views by slanting what is reported, and how it is reported.

If Adrienne wants to change the world why not become a social worker, missionary or even a politician. A true "journalist" reports the facts of the situation whether they like them or not, but a "journalist" who wants to change the world reports events as seen through the prism of their own personal ideology, thereby slanting what is reported, giving their readers an inaccurate picture of events.

Ms. Baker apparently wants to be an evangelist for her point of view, not a [true] journalist.

W. M. Laulo, B.A. '60 UMD