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Matt Bowers passing a gavel to Peg Wolff

2005-06 CSC chair Matt Bowers passes the gavel to 2006-07 chair Peg Wolff.

Passing the gavel for 2006-07

Civil Service Committee chair recaps 2005-06

By Matt Bowers

Brief, July 12, 2006

As we wrap up another year of the Civil Service Committee (CSC), here are some of last year's highlights and accomplishments.

Certainly one of our major efforts has been the 2006-07 pay plan. We started discussions in summer 2005. Our Compensation Subcommittee worked very closely with the Office of Human Resources (OHR) to craft a document that honored the work of civil service staff and lived within the budget targets presented to us. We are very grateful to Mary Luther and her staff in OHR for all of their help and cooperation. We also worked very hard with President Bruininks and Vice President Carrier to implement the one-half-percent retroactive pay increase for the 2005-06 pay plan.

Benefits were an additional area of discussion. Many civil service staffers have approached the committee with concerns about RxAmerica, wellness programs, and retirement issues. In February, Gavin Watt from the University's Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC) gave the CSC a progress report. Carla Volkman Lien was named to second three-year term on the BAC, joining three others representing civil service staffers. We also tracked legislative activity related to pensions and retirement.

The committee worked closely with OHR to explore issues of performance evaluation standards and merit pay. Two task forces worked for several months and submitted reports for approval in March.

We reviewed all of CSC's major operations and responsibilities. Activities such as advocacy, communications, compensation and benefit activities, and committee organization were reviewed and discussed. We met with the new civil service representatives to the University Senator and began to hash out how the two groups will work together to best represent civil service employees.

The CSC stayed informed about projects and initiatives that will affect the University and civil service employees. We heard reports on the proposed light rail line, the Legislative Network, new OHR online resources, and changes in health benefits and health insurance. We appreciate the time and consideration that our guests give to the committee and are especially appreciative of the time we spend with President Bruininks and Vice President Carrier.

As we move into the 2006-07 year, I introduce Peg Wolff, the new CSC chair, and wish the committee continued success in shaping the University. As always, the Civil Service Committee invites you to keep current on all things civil service by visiting the new CSC Web site at, reading the monthly newsletter, and looking for news in Brief!

Thanks for a great year.

Matt Bowers chaired the Civil Service Committee in 2005-06. He's a manager in Wilson Library, Twin Cities campus.