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CAPA members talk around a round table; others are in the background in a yellow-brick meeting room.

Representative Susan Doerr (left), University Press, discusses goal-setting with fellow CAPA member Mary Laeger-Hegemeister, U of M Extension Service, at the CAPA retreat Aug. 23.

CAPA begins 2006-07

By Lynn Burbank

Brief, Sept. 13, 2006

The Council of Academic Professionals and Administrators (CAPA) began its work for the year with a planning retreat in Minneapolis on Aug. 23. More than 40 representatives and alternates from the U of M campuses attended, spending the bulk of their day on current academic professional and administrative (P&A) staff issues and goal development for the four CAPA committees. At the end of the day, the chairs reported on the directions their committees will take over the next nine months.

Benefits and Compensation. Continue work on P&A vacation policies, maintain a strong relationship with the P&A classification and compensation work group, and stay current with proposed changes to the non-renewal process.

Communications. Complete a communication audit, improve the timeliness, depth, and breadth of the CAPA Web site, and continue to coordinate regular CAPA communication responsibilities.

Professional Development and Recognition. Identify the role of P&As in the University's goal of becoming one of the top three research universities, create a list of professional development resources, and create and revise guidelines for the Outstanding Unit and Outstanding Service awards.

Representation and Governance. Ensure representation by every unit on CAPA, establish unit-level organizations, improve coordination and communication with P&As locally and at other CIC schools, and work on a policies-and-procedures manual to help streamline the CAPA bylaws and constitution.

CAPA members at the retreat also welcomed Kathleen O'Brien, vice president of University Services. She discussed the final report of the Administrative Services and Productivity Task Force as part of the Transforming the U initiative. Additional information about this task force and its University-wide recommendations can be found at the strategic positioning Web site.

From September through June, CAPA meetings will be held on the third Friday of each month in 101 Walter Library on the Twin Cities campus in Minneapolis. All are welcome to attend.

The next meeting will be Friday, Sept. 15, 8:30 a.m. to noon, 101 Walter Library, Twin Cities campus.

For more information about CAPA and its members, visit the CAPA Web site.

Lynn Burbank is a CAPA representative from the UMD campus. She is a member of the communication committee and a CAPA senator.