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Trees and stars.


From M, fall 2006

During the academic year, the astronomy departments on the Twin Cities and Morris campuses hold public viewings of the night sky at the Tate Laboratory of Physics and the Science Building, respectively. You can climb to the roofs of these buildings to observe--with the help of astronomy students--some of the same celestial objects that have inspired sky-gazers throughout history.

The Astronomy Department on the Twin Cities campus schedules public viewings nearly every Friday evening during the University's fall and spring semesters. For a complete schedule, visit the Astronomy Department and for a map, directions, and parking information, see U maps.

At Morris, you can look through the 16" telescope on the roof of the Science Building on select winter and spring evenings. For a schedule and directions, see public viewing.

During the summer, things get even more fun when the Twin Cities Astronomy Department takes its telescope on the road with Universe in the Park, a public lecture, slide show, and night sky viewing at Minnesota state parks, far from the bright city lights. For more on the program, see Universe in the Park.

Now get out there and see those stars!