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U of Tennessee professor Raoul Arreola.

Evaluation evaluation consultant Ralph Arreola shared his expertise with about 300 faculty and staff members.

Review of a mini-conference on the role of student evaluations

Review of a mini-conference on the role of student evaluations

By Anita Gonzalez

Brief, March 8, 2006

How relevant are student evaluations in the practice of teaching? In light of the University's continuing focus on improving students' educational experience, student evaluations need to reflect a balanced perspective that encompasses the many facets of teaching.

About 300 administrators, faculty and instructional staff members, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students attended a campus mini-conference February 23 on "Evaluating Teaching: A Comprehensive Approach," facilitated by higher education evaluation expert Raoul Arreola. Arreola is a faculty member at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and author of Developing a Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System. Arreola's presentation focused on three main points:

The mini-conference was cosponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning Services (CTLS) and the provost's Council for Enhancing Student Learning. It continued a yearlong program focus on evaluating teaching, which began last October with a mini-conference facilitated by Peter Seldin.

CTLS supports the work begun at the mini-conference with online resources, individual and group consultations, and customized workshops. For more information on services available through CTLS, see Center for Teaching and Learning Services or call 612-625-3041.

Anita Gonzalez is an assistant education specialist for the Center for Teaching and Learning Services, Twin Cities campus.