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Incoming freshmen and their parents sit in a classroom.

An enthusiastic group of incoming freshmen and their family members came to campus to learn about the first-year curriculum called General Studies in the newly created Department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning.

General Studies event draws hundreds of parents and new students

April 26, 2006

When General College (GC) transitions into the new Department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning within the College of Education and Human Development, its first-year students will enroll in a one-year curriculum called General Studies. It includes a combination of learning communities, freshman seminars, and individual courses that will help them meet core requirements.

On Saturday, April 22, an enthusiastic group of 172 newly admitted students and more than 200 of their family members came to campus for what was called a "commitment event" to introduce these students to the new program and take them on a little test drive of General Studies.

Students and parents spent Saturday morning learning about the new curriculum and life at the University in general and attending concurrent sessions that featured faculty, advisors, and student panelists. Overflow sessions included a freshman seminar, "Science and Politics of Genetics and Reproduction," and a learning community session entitled, "Nature's Deviants? It's About Time."

Students and parents had opportunities to ask questions in separate sessions at the end of the event which covered a broad range of topics including financial aid and housing, managing time effectively as a college student, how to get from one part of the University to another without missing classes, strategies for staying involved in University activities as a commuter student, and how to schedule classes that meet the requirements of various majors.

Robert Poch, GC's assistant dean and director of student services, said, "It was both gratifying and energizing to greet these students and their families and witness their excitement at becoming part of this University and the new College of Education and Human Development. These students will bring wonderful new talents and perspectives to the classroom and the University as a whole."