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U Libraries: available at a keyboard near you

From M, summer 2006

You only need to remember three words about the new online publications benefit available to UMAA members: just try it. The benefit gives UMAA members access to full-text articles in hundreds of popular, academic, and business publications through the University Libraries. All you need is Internet access and your UMAA member number to access the two databases that contain the publications. This resource is as wide and deep as your imagination. A new user of the benefit who wanted to learn more about fuel-efficient automobiles turned up some valuable and surprising information. For example:

* Cars that use diesel fuel consistently rank highest in fuel efficiency. (Design Week)

* Diesel fuel is getting cleaner and greener. (Business Week)

* Scientists at the California Institute of Technology maintain that putting more diesel cars on the road will result in more smog. (USA Today Magazine)

* The United States could meet the carbon emission cuts targeted under the Kyoto Protocol by doubling the fuel efficiency of its cars. (Global Environment Change Report) * Hybrid vehicles fall short of their manufacturers' promises on fuel efficiency. (Maclean's)

* The push for greater fuel efficiency unites politicians on the left and the right. (Congress Daily)

The UMAA is one of only a handful of alumni organizations nationwide to offer the library benefit. Membership ($40 per year for a single membership and $45 for a joint membership) is open to all alumni and friends of the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus. For more information on the new benefit and how to join UMAA, visit Alumni Association.