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Shelley Miller.

Shelley Miller

My alma matter

M, spring 2007

By Shelley Miller, '02

One could say that I followed my big brother to the U. Jeff was configuring his final class schedule for his aerospace engineering degree as I was signing up for my first classes. And while I attended my first varsity swim practice, he was at the other end of the pool with the men's team. So yes, my brother's positive experience had an impact on my decision to leave Wisconsin to become a Gopher.

Although I followed Jeff, from my first day on campus I felt like my college experience was my own. The U offered the opportunity to learn about a seemingly infinite number of topics. Classes for my German minor balanced my business studies in the Carlson School, and the electives I took gave me a better perspective on the world.

The U taught me business and leadership skills that prepared me to be as competitive and knowledgeable as graduates of any other university. That is why I give back.

Shelley Miller, '02 B.S.B., is an associate at Magnetar Capital in New York City and a donor who supported the recent construction of a new boathouse for the U's rowing team.