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Letters to the Editor, summer 2007

From M, summer 2007

As a University of Minnesota employee (at the Morris campus), I automatically receive a copy of M magazine, which I always look through. However, I always stop to look at the small box in the lower left hand corner of the third page which reads "M: A publication for alumni, friends, faculty, and staff of the University of Minnesota--Crookston, Duluth, Morris, Rochester and Twin Cities." Such a statement seems to suggest that the information in this publication would represent all of the campuses of the U of M. However, very frequently, if ever, are there stories focusing on any of the "coordinate campuses." It would be great for all U of M alumni to hear about the events taking place system-wide...not just on the TC campus. Go Cougars--

Jillian Hiscock

Editor's note: We are trying harder every issue to include stories about all the University campuses. In this issue, see the cover story, pages 4 8, 9, and 10.

It's great that the U is beefing up its School of Design and recognizing the important role that design plays in both our natural and man-made environments, but I found the article in the winter 2007 issue of M somewhat frightening. In the article, Dean Thomas Fisher writes that the College of Design "educates students to be leaders in the field of social change via design, and to be visionaries for a better future," then works through a list of politically charged buzzwords that leave little doubt where his personal political allegiances lie. Must some unsuspecting 18-year-old, who enrolls at the U wanting to learn how to design Web pages, or blouses, or houses, or gardens-and maybe also make the world a better place in accordance with his or her own personal beliefs and vision-also get an entire load of ideology about exactly what that vision should be? What if a student has goals other than promoting global "equity" and combating greenhouse gases?

David W. Downing, St. Paul

I take strong issue with the upbeat message and feel-good tone of the M spring 2007 article about the new football stadium. I believe it is a total waste of taxpayer dollars and an insult and embarrassment to those of us who abhor the jock mentality that has spread from the Bierman Athletic Building to the office of Pres. Bruininks? How does a football stadium help Bruininks move toward his purported goal of making the U a top research university? Ski-U-Bah!

Willard B. Shapira

Minnesota Daily sportswriter 1954-58, Daily sports editor 1956-58. Minnesota Gopher (yearbook) sports editor 1956-58.