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Lynn Lin.

One of the world's top market researchers, Lynn Lin often returns to his alma mater to meet with students.

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U alum is among the world's best at forecasting if products will sell

From M, summer 2007

Lin is among the world's top market researchers. He's predicted how many riders would use the "Chunnel" under the English Channel and the number of tourists who would cross Sydney's Harbor Bridge.

After earning his doctorate and working for Pillsbury (now part of General Mills), Lin became vice president at the management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. There he developed the famed BASES system of sales forecasting. BASES is now used for 65 percent of new-product market research worldwide.

"I didn't want to publish papers or prove theorems that only three people would see," Lin says of his move from academia to industry. "I wanted to solve more immediate problems."

Even though he decided against teaching as a career, he enjoys it now and even lectures in some of America's top business schools. Lin returns to the U at least once a year to visit business and statistics classes. He also contributes through his financial support of graduate fellowships.

"I am very proud to see the University strive to become one of the best in the world," he explains. "Alumni should be proud of the U, and help it as much as we can."