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Kelly Hudick.

Kelly Hudick, '01 B.A., has gotten an early jump on her philanthropic goals by contributing to two U of M scholarships.

The young and the generous

Recent grad jump-starts her philanthropy (even if it means going without caffeine)

From M, summer 2007

Once Kelly Hudick, '01 B.A., began her professional life, she wasn't about to wait around to start her philanthropic life. She doesn't buy into the idea that giving is only for wealthy, established individuals who can make six-figure contributions. A Twin Cities business consultant for Accenture, Hudick has a vision to start now and build while her career advances.

Hudick donates $5 a month to both psychology scholarships and the Learning Abroad Center Alumni Scholarship--contributions matched by her employer. "The University is investing more resources than ever for study abroad scholarships, but these can only assist a limited number of students," she says.

Her support grew from her own international experience - an intensive language program - as a U sophomore. "Being immersed in another culture and mastering another language changed me," she recalls. "I carry Toledo, Spain, with me wherever I go, and I continue to use my Spanish language skills."

Now, she's passing on the benefits. "Every student should have the opportunity to be immersed in another culture," she explains, "but some who would benefit the most do not have the financial means."

Does she miss the $10 a month? "It comes right out of my bank account. I don't even feel it. It's like two cups of coffee."