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The U comes to you

From M, summer 2007

This past winter, representatives from the University of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota Alumni Association went on a road trip, visiting 13 cities in 12 weeks. The purpose of this "road show" was to inform Minnesotans around the state about the importance of University education, research, and outreach to their communities. The group dropped in on Rotary and Kiwanis club meetings from Virginia to Marshall and places in between. They knew the membership of these service clubs would probably contain a high percentage of University alumni and asked for those people to stand up. Then they asked attendees to stand if they, for example: have an immediate family member who attended the U; have ever gone to a doctor, dentist, veterinarian, or other professional trained at the U; have ever attended a cultural or sports event at the U; have ever eaten a Honeycrisp apple or puffed wheat cereal; have ever worn a seatbelt. At every stop, nearly everyone was standing even before the seatbelt question. One thing quickly became clear: The reach and impact of the U is felt across the entire state, even for those who have never set foot on campus or don't have a diploma. Throughout the year, the alumni association is sponsoring more visits to service clubs throughout the state as a way to deliver the message about how the University is creating Minnesota's future and the U's statewide impact. University faculty and administrators will accompany the alumni association and share their latest research and where it might lead. If you would like the U to come to your service club, contact Mary Kay Delvo at 612-626-1417 or