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Cathy Marquardt, Susan Cable, and Karen Lovro standing near

The 2007-08 CSC leadership team is (left to right) chair Cathy Marquardt, vice-chair Susan Cable, and treasurer Karen Lovro.

A new year begins

Civil Service Committee begins leadership transition

By Peg Wolff

Brief, June 13, 2007

As the 2006-07 year comes to a close, I would like to thank this year's Civil Service Committee (CSC) members for all their hard work. These 18 members represent the needs of about 4,800 employees across all the U campuses.

Each year, we identify a range of issues to address for the coming year. Then subcommittees get to work. Here is a sample of what we accomplished in 2006-07.

* We clarified language for the job evaluation questionnaire (JEQ) and job review questionnaire (JRQ) appeals process to make it clearer to employees and supervisors.

* The CSC wrote a proposal for an increase in professional development funds available to civil service staff. We currently distribute $2,000 for professional development each year.

* With the Office of Human Resources, we reviewed the engineering, research compliance specialist, administrative director, and housing specialist job classifications.

* We convened civil service senators to the University Senate and civil service senate delegation representatives to begin a communications process that will benefit all civil service employees.


Find a list of previous Civil Service Committee updates and features in Brief in the UMNnews CSC Archive.

* We filled vacant seats on U Senate Boards and Committees. We now have 35 civil service staff in these positions, including representation on the Senate Retirement Committee. We also have membership on the Legislative Network's grassroots committee.

* The Rules subcommittee, in collaboration with the Office of Human Resources, spent many hours updating language in the Civil Service Rules Book in preparation for fall 2007 hearings. Thanks to staff who sent suggestions for possible rule language changes.

* A number of employee advocacy issues were addressed.

* We continue to monitor performance management and merit issues and the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) Post Retirement Fund.

* This summer we will begin working with the Office of Human Resources on a broad review of civil service compensation and classification systems.

The 2007-08 committee

In April, the Civil Service Search Committee sent a list of names to President Bruininks for appointment to the Civil Service Committee. Five new members and five alternates were chosen and will join the CSC July 1 under the new leadership of Cathy Marquardt, chair; Susan Cable, vice chair; and Karen Lovro, treasurer.

Six new full members will join the CSC. At-large: Susan Cable and Nancy Fulton (Nancy was originally appointed as an alternate but will fill Katy Olson's full-member position when Katy resigns from the committee in June.)
Coordinate campuses: Gary Willhite, Crookston; Alex Jokela, Duluth
Academic Health Center: Roxy McCann and Frank Strahan

Four alternates will also serve on the committee for the 2007-08 year.

At-large: Daniel Farrar and Rebecca Hintz
Academic Affairs: Gary French
Academic Health Center: Patrick Davern

The above new members join those continuing--Sharon Beckford-Babu, Chris Bucksa, Susann Jackson, Lori Nicol, Susan Rose, and Peg Wolff--to complete the 2007-08 Committee.

A special thanks goes to Diane Parker, Heather Powell, Karen Tschida, Katy Olson, Linda Olcott, and Rick Densmore, who conclude their terms this year. They have worked on issues including compensation, benefits, advocacy, communications, and professional development.

What next?

Next year will bring some of the same concerns and some new challenges. The 2007-08 CSC has started to meet and set its strategic direction. It will meet in July at an all-day retreat to complete planning for 2007-08. If you have issues that you would like the committee to address, please send an e-mail message to the committee members at

Civil service representation in the University Senate

The Civil Service Committee congratulates the new civil service senators, elected in May.

Academic Affairs: Josette Barsness, Joel Cable, Dorit Hafner, and M.E.G. Schmidtbauer
At-large: Keith Carlson and Ann Falken
Academic Health Center: Zadie Rodriques and Joanie Tool

Thank you for volunteering to represent civil service staff in University governance.

Margaret "Peg" Wolff, 2006-07 chair of the CSC, is a principal public relations representative in University Relations, Twin Cities.