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Luella Goldberg.

Luella Goldberg christens the Lulu G tulip during the naming ceremony at the McNamara Alumni Center.

Forever in full bloom

From M, fall 2007

"We don't have our country. [But] we do have great educational institutions...for me, these...are our country's palaces, and that is why we are here tonight celebrating in a palace of higher education--here at the University of Minnesota." -Luella Goldberg

Luella Goldberg chose the McNamara Alumni Center for the site of the naming ceremony for the "Lulu G" tulip, a new cultivar developed in her honor as the recipient of the 2007 Blooming Forever Achievement Award. The award is given each year by Blooming Forever, a charitable organization based in the Netherlands, to acknowledge a person who has made a difference in his or her community, city, or country, or even across the world. Last year's recipient, Ukrainian president Victor Yushchenko, chose a palace in Kiev for the ceremony. This past spring, Goldberg was given an Honorary Doctor of Laws, the University's highest award, which recognizes distinctive achievements that have added materially to knowledge and to the betterment of society. She is past chairperson and current trustee of the University of Minnesota Foundation. The Lulu G will be planted at the Blooming Forever Hall of Fame in Lisee, the Netherlands.

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