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Two couples do some tango dancing outside of Coffman Union.

The Tango Club demonstrates moves for potential members.

Tango bomb

By Kristi Goldade

From M, winter 2008

Students yawn through the last ten minutes of chemistry lab, unaware that just outside, a cultural stealth attack is in the making. Dancers from the Argentine Tango Club are readying a boom box outside Coffman Union on the Twin Cities campus.

Classes are--finally--dismissed. Students let out a collective sigh and stumble out the doors. It's time.

A dancer presses "play" and music from the barrios of Buenos Aires wakes up the campus. Lunch crowds stare as pairs of dancers tango in jeans and jackets, gliding through bike racks and commuters, swaying passionately to the melodies.

It's official: the Tango Bomb has been detonated.

"It gives people a visual," says tango club president Lindsey Stratton. "The Tango Bomb allows people to really experience the dance, so hopefully, we can attract new members."

The club meets each Tuesday from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. The lessons are open to University students, staff, and faculty, but non-University people can join with sponsorship from a University member. The first lesson is free. Additional lessons can be purchased which progress from beginner to more advanced, featuring tango vocabulary and "dancing creatively in crowded spaces."

The club also hosts weekend workshops and events, like free Friday night crash courses and special events with well-known teachers, dancers, and DJs.

So strap on your dancing shoes and head over to The Whole in Coffman Union to get your tango on!

Email the club for more information.