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Tis' the eating season. Employ these 10 tips at work and exercise away the holidays.

10 tips for integrating physical activity into your workday

From Wellness Works

December 9, 2008

1. The season is changing, so take advantage and slip out for a brisk 10 minute walk. All exercise counts and the fresh air may awaken the mind as well. 2. Climb the stairs, not just to get somewhere but to raise the heart rate. There are countless stairwells on campus: Coffman Union, Moos Towers, the libraries. Parking ramps also have the added bonus of some of the best views on campus. 3. There is a whole other active opportunity underground. The sprawling tunnel system at the U not only connects buildings, but also can be used to accumulate steps each day. Check out the tunnels in the Academic Health Center and West Bank for starters. 4. Boynton Health Services, Center for Spirituality & Healing, and Recreational Sports offer physical activity classes in a variety of levels. A mid-day yoga or muscle class is a great break. Check out;; or for class information. 5. Sometimes fitting in a mid-day workout is not an option, especially if you have to choose between a workout and eating lunch. Find a new lunch spot-out of the way-grab your lunch and trek over there. 6. Video games at work? Well, maybe not. However, depending on your comfort level at work, go on-line to find some great interactive tools that allow you to be active without having to leave your workspace. 7. If you travel for work, plan ahead: a jump rope, exercise band, yoga mat or mP3 fit nicely in a suitcase. Many airports have DVD rentals, including exercise videos, and most hotels either have an on-site fitness center or allow access to one nearby. Several hotels will even deliver a stability ball and some light weights directly to your room--just ask. 8. Walk or bike to work; it's not just economical or the green thing to do, it provides great daily exercise. Consider it for even part of your commute, and maybe save some money on parking! 9. Many parking ramps on campus have bike storage, and the buses have space to tow your ride as well. 10. Can you re-arrange your office to allow you to stand at your work station? Standing keeps you more active during the day (some studies estimate an extra 250 calories/day expended), and can improve your posture and ability to concentrate.

This article originally appeared in Wellness Works, volume 3, issue 1. The issue can be viewed in its entirety as a PDF at Wellness Works.