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Terry Roe models effective teaching

September 24, 2009

Terry L. Roe is a professor of applied economics in the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences.

Terry L. Roe is a professor of applied economics in the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences.

Photo: Patrick O'Leary

Distinguished teacher Terry Roe provides general equilibrium in the classroom

By Gayla Marty

Advising and mentoring graduate students is the hallmark of Terry Roe's career. This strength builds on his own first-rate scholarship and tough, engaging classroom teaching. "[He] would never get tired of new ideas," remembers a former student, now a professor in Turkey. "His office whiteboard was a meeting place for all students, his own plus all the guests. It was as if there [were] a continuous seminar going [on...]."

Roe is an expert at using dynamic general equilibrium models to address issues in economic development and international trade. He draws on policy experience gained in positions with the World Bank and the U.S. government, and in a two-year residence in a foreign ministry. As the social sciences have become more mathematical, one colleague attests, Roe has modeled effective teaching. Many former students today hold influential positions that span the globe.

"I find young professionals have greater opportunities for making contributions throughout their professional careers if they can be encouraged to enjoy and feel creative with the process of knowledge discovery as much as with the discovery itself."

Since 1976, Roe has developed or revised and taught or co-taught 11 graduate-level courses, served on graduate program policy committees, and contributed to curriculum reform. He has expanded the applied economics program through partnerships in liberal arts, management, public affairs, and public health.

Terry L. Roe is a 2009 recipient of the Award for Contributions to Postbaccalaureate, Graduate, and Professional Education.

"To him," says a former student, "teaching...has to do with the opening of the mind, the kindling of interest, the awakening of creativity, the instillation of a framework, the transfusion of knowledge, and the suggestion of new frontiers."