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March 31, 2011

People look at the flooding Mississippi River near downtown St. Paul.

A steady stream of visitors checked out the levels of the Mississippi River near the Science Museum on March 27. Across the river, officials were preparing to close down Harriet Island to all traffic.

Photo: Rick Moore

By Rick Moore

On the last weekend in March, people flocked to the north bank of the Mississippi River near the Science Museum to track the roiling, rising waters of Old Man River.

A grassy knoll was days away from turning into a wetland, and two long-time St. Paul residents pointed out the approximate location of the former “Little Italy,” an area ravaged by the epic flood of 1965.

While the exact scale and scope of this year’s flooding statewide remains to be seen, one thing is certain—much of Minnesota is on the watch. It’s estimated that up to 50 of Minnesota’s 87 counties will be affected by flooding, and the flood season—with its multiple crests—will last well into spring.

The University of Minnesota has gathered information from a range of sources for those following the flooding of 2011. In addition to key web sites that provide forecasts and updates, you can find tips for how to prepare for and recover from floods.

River Life multimedia resources

The University’s River Life Program has put together a flood forum. Here you can access government agency sites, news media coverage, and historic flood images and video, as well as offer your voice to the discussion. Visit the River Life forum.

Extension resources

University of Minnesota Extension continues to offer a broad range of resources related to flooding, from helping families prepare for flooding in their neighborhoods to advising parents on what to say to their children in the wake of a flood. For more information, visit Extension’s Extreme Weather.

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